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Earshot Creative Review, September 2012

Clare Bowen and Lenja Papp

Clare Bowen and Lenja Papp

Radio Advertising

Some secrets of great radio advertising with Clare Bowen, head of creative development at the UK Radio Advertising Bureau and Lenja Papp, European radio writer and consultant.

Discover why Lenja wants to seduce – not shout in any language, how the comedy of Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkinton and Stephen Merchant can address serious medical matters and how the RAB is working to improve the creative quality and effectiveness of radio advertising in Britain.

Jumoke, Mark, Sefa and ScottHobsons Voicesearch

Meet Jumoke, Sefa, Mark and Scott: the shortlisted candidates in our competition to find and reward new, unsigned UK voice talent and hear them face a real-life studio challenge at the BBC with producer James Stodd.

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Clare recommends the Inspired by Audio initiative created by the RAB with D&AD. We also mentioned the Voxmas party to which Earshot Creative listeners are invited.


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The podcast is sponsored by Hobsons.

Hobsons Voicesearch report by Kate Cocker. Epic thanks to James Stodd.

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