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Steve Martin

Steve Martin

With a background in journalism, marketing and production, Steve Martin has more than twenty years experience in content creation, promotions and station sound.

Steve made a career as an award-winning copywriter and producer before leading creative teams to their own success.

Among his achievements, he created and led the radio Cross Trails team at the BBC, developed the corporation’s first campaign on mobile phones, served for seven years as a BBC Editor and introduced media planning and regional playout to the BBC World Service.

Today, Steve represents the BBC internationally, building commercial and public service partnerships with broadcast and digital companies in sub-Saharan Africa. He works with mobile networks, television operators and helps speech radio stations to thrive in some of the world’s most competitive and fast-moving markets.

Steve has served as an industry awards judge for the Sony Radio Academy awards, the Promotion & Marketing awards, Promax, the Radio Production Awards, the Gillards, Arqiva, Student Radio and Community Radio awards.

If you would like Steve to help you, speak at your event or contribute to an article for your publication please email


I comply with the BBC’s guidance for employee’s personal blogs. While you can expect my perspective frequently to align with that of the BBC any views I express here are personal and not those of the BBC. This blog and any views within it are written in a personal capacity.