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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The delicate mechanics of charity advertising

Charity advertising involves many ethical and social judgements. Here’s one campaign that hopes to get it right.

BBC Radio 1 with Ben Stones and Liam Hadley

Station sound producers Ben Stones and Liam Hadley share the production secrets of Radio 1’s imaging. Plus Greg James and ReelWorld music director Erik Huber.

A radio jingle survives an organ transplant

Enjoy a familiar radio jingle arranged for fairground organ in Cornwall.

Free creative brief templates

Start your next project right with one of our free creative brief templates. Two versions to suit your working style. Did we mention they’re free?

LBC breaks the competition with Eddie Mair

By signing Eddie Mair, LBC has broken BBC Radio 4 for some listeners. It also provides the fix.

World’s best contests with Jonathan Lumley & John Simons

What makes a great contest or competition? Two leading commercial radio practitioners share their favourites.

Refreshing a heritage news station

How WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York tries to sound like a trusted friend.

Twenty artists hidden in a picture puzzle

To promote its forthcoming Live Lounge Month BBC Radio 1 created a visual teaser puzzle on social media.

Podcast: Gordon Lundy, Matt Shields and Gavin Pearson

Gordon Lundy, Matt Shields and Gavin Pearson share examples of their imaging work and explain how they make it. Recorded before a live audience.

Breakfast radio hosts do one thing with alarming regularity

Can any UK presenter start or leave a breakfast show without mentioning their alarm clock? Earshot investigates.

Making audiograms with SpareMin Headliner

Working in TV inspired Steve to turn audio clips into highly engaging shareable social assets.

Radio: get the look

Why radio is taking responsibility for its own portrayal.

Building the ‘digital first’ radio station

The local radio station that put its events and its web presence first.

Podcast: A Million Ads, dynamic audio and personalised ads

The creative opportunities in dynamic audio with Steve Dunlop and Sam Crowther of A Million Ads.

Title v talent

What’s the point of adding programme titles if listeners can’t even remember your station name and your talent?

Earshot podcast: Adam Burgess and Tom Cross

Adam and Tom from Contraband Media share the secrets of their imaging work for BBC Radio 1 and KIIS Sydney, with business tips to enter the world of radio production.

TV2 reminds us what audiences are really like

A short promotional film from Denmark that brings brand positioning and social experimentation together.

Twenty two times radio has made beer

Beer has helped to inspire radio enough times so it’s only fair that radio can inspire beer. Enjoy some examples from around the world.

The worst morning show ever

One radio station in Edmonton is lowering expectations ahead of a new morning show. Hear the audio.

Coming next, the past with Radio 1 Vintage

Our job is to love the new, the next and the coming soon. So how does Radio 1 reverse our promotional instincts to look back?

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