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You are now within Earshot

Read OR Listen?, originally uploaded by suchitra prints.

Welcome to my first ever blog post. There, that’s the hardest bit done.

A colleague suggested I should write a blog. So this is it. I’ll keep it running for six months as an experiment. After that it will either continue its upward trajectory of popularity and insight or be quietly purged from the server. All assuming that within six months I can learn how to do that.

One thing I should make clear. Earshot is designed to be centred on my work in public service media promotions and navigation. It might stray a bit but essentially it’s here to help illuminate this fast-changing area and build connections with people in related industries who can help. And who care.

If you really want the more personal stuff then I’m on Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and Facebook.

So welcome and please feel free to make your presence known. Meanwhile, thanks for being within Earshot.


  1. This is a test comment from admin.

  2. Glad this blog has been added to the Interwebs….Radio needs us…