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Reasons to be optimistic about radio

smiley dice

Have you noticed a haze of toxic gloom wafting across the radio industry? Me too. It’s almost enough to make you search the playout system for the love theme from Romeo and Juliet and attempt an impromptu Simon Bates impression.

But please don’t. That cloud of neurosis is man-made and if you ignore the fashionable doomsayers for a moment there’s much to be cheerful about.

Yes, there’s work to do but if you’re anything like me you’ll do better work when you’re full of hope and a decent breakfast. A friendly reminder of what makes radio so wonderful seems like a good place to start.

So, starting tomorrow and continuing for the next couple of weeks, I’ll post daily a reason why I believe we can be positive about radio’s place in the world and our place in radio. No rose tinted specs and no talk of green shoots, just fundamental strengths that underpin the medium. Things we can work with.

I’ve come up with thirteen reasons but there will be more. Feel free to add your own. We all know radio is amazing. It’s time to remind ourselves why.

As we say on the radio, it all starts tomorrow morning at 8.15.

Photo: smiley dice by Leo Reynolds, on Flickr. Used under licence.