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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Reasons to be cheerful. Number 5.

Radio is powerful.

If you work in radio you’re socially and culturally significant. You may even be a force for good.

Dramatic, amazing, unfortunate and life-changing things happen on radio. It can be important and valuable to individuals and to society.

What mainstream British book publisher or film distributor doesn’t want to be on the Steve Wright show?

And radio is never far from governments’ minds when they want to control communications. During military coups troops seldom storm a website.


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Next time: radio is simple

One Comment

  1. Which is why operations is a fun place to be. Millions waiting for you to replace dead air with the wrong thing!

    The good thing about broadcasting to countries where radio is still something more than “today’s repetitive mix” is that people really will be listening and taking in the content, making it very worthwhile.

    (I, personally, have never made any mistakes. Obviously.)