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Illegal horseplay

The Horse Whisperer......

Here’s a lovely story from the Telegraph entitled  Woman who plays classical music to soothe horses told to get licence.

On the face of it this is a great anti-bureaucracy, bonkers-Britain story starring a middle-aged horsey lady victim, Rosemary Greenway,  with whom Telegraph readers would easily empathise and an seemingly over-zealous music collection agency, PRS for Music.

Read on and you’ll discover there are other staff in the stables and PRS is not that interested in the horses.

But no matter – the thoroughbred champion in this story is Classic FM. As Mrs Greenaway herself is quoted as saying:

“I actually use my radio for the benefit of the horses as Classic FM helps them relax”.

When your listeners start quoting words from your positioning to the press, you know your imaging is working.

Photo: The Horse Whisperer by law_keven / Flickr. Used under CC licence.

One Comment

  1. Classic FM’s marketing message is that they help horses relax? 🙂