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065/365: Show us your smile!

Two radio blog posts reached my eyeballs this evening.

One is an articulate, properly-researched essay, setting out some challenges that face radio in the UK. The piece runs to what looks like a couple of thousand words, quotes primary source data and extrapolates thoughtful analysis into resigned conclusion. It has lots of charts.

The other is a short effervescent explosion of excitement, fresh from a product launch.

I recommend you read them both. Then decide which mood to choose.

You could choose to bemoan the state of the radio industry. In fact, go further and take pleasure in its travails while wallowing in a warm bath of righteousness.

Or decide to do something about it.

People thrilled by the potential of new technologies, who enjoy trying out new stuff and who are committed to improving radio for listeners are shaping the future of our industry already. And they seldom have time to write 2000 word essays.

The author and marketing guru Seth Godin puts attitude at the top of his hierarchy of success.

So what shall we be tomorrow? A ‘glum’ or a ‘get-it-done’?

Photo: Show us your smile by dotbenjamin on Flickr. Used under CC licence.