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Radio at the Edge

Sausage/Beer at 'Brauhas im Neuen Garten' (Potsdam)

If you want to make your radio promotions ever-more compelling and effective you really need to think about what’s next in radio and how to exploit it.

I say that with some confidence and a perhaps little smugness, having just helped a team of BBC World Service people secure the P&M award for best cross-platform campaign.

More on that soon, but not before you can get the same forward-thinking insights that helped us, just by turning up at an event in London.

Radio At the Edge on 9 November promises a strong line-up of sessions and guests this year, covering subjects across programming, marketing, web production, business and strategy disciplines. The day has everything from learning from Google’s approach to advertising to understanding the new mobile revolution.

If any of that excites you or worries you, Radio At The Edge is the event to attend.

Disclosure: it’s odd how some deals are structured but, by writing this post, I am promised beer and sausages from James Cridland. Study the photo above and then let me know whether you think I got a good deal.

One Comment

  1. I too think Radio At The Edge will be a fantastic event to attend this year, but I do hope that ‘the Cridland’ has sorted out plans for it to be streamed online? – if not he can always ask me to come and do it!

    The beer above looks good (is it award winning ale?) although the sausage looks too long for dat bun.