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A little treat for every reader

jelly babies

As you may have noticed from the previous post we’re deep into the autumn awards season in UK radio.

In addition to all the award schemes previously mentioned you’ve alerted me to a couple more. The AIB awards and the Internet Radio Awards are both imminent.

But The Radio Academy P&Ms are first in line this Thursday, and thanks to them I can promise you a little treat.

On Thursday morning*, just hours ahead of the P&Ms ceremony, the Radio Academy’s Trevor Dann and I will be listening to some of our favourite entries together and chatting about them. You’ll be able to read our thoughts and hear the audio right here on the Earshot blog.

Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed for first word when our conversation hits the web.

*in truth, we’re recording on Tuesday, then I’ll try to remember how to edit, will transcribe our collective witterings into text, upload and tag some mp3s and conduct a bit of WordPress wrangling. Which should all be done by Thursday morning.

And with that explanation a little trust is duly safeguarded. See you Thursday.

Jelly babies image by jonathanb1989, on Flickr. Used under licence.