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A new feature, coming soon

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Hello. This is little more than a holding message to please iTunes (such a demanding mistress) but since you’re here, let me say that the historic first edition of the Earshot Creative Review is just days away.

In this new monthly feature, we’ll be playing and reviewing great new radio production in the company of some of Britain’s best promo people.

The multi award-winning creative genius of James Stodd is with us for programme one, as will be the Sony Radio Academy award-winning writer, producer and voice artist Dan Snaith. There’s also a must-hear catchy ad for a Fish & Chip shop in Weymouth. Bonus, with vinegar.

We’ll be here on the blog in audio and text, and if you’d like to subscribe to a podcast feed of the audio via iTunes then you would be very welcome to do so.

Meanwhile, if you work in radio promotions and marketing and would like to join us for a future edition of the Earshot Creative Review, or if you’ve heard a promo or some imaging that deserves a decent critique then do get in touch.

You can email or just give me a call.