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Can Roy Keane win in Ireland?

Whenever I’m in Ireland I always listen to Newstalk 106-108.

You might enjoy the mix too: think of the harder-edged opinionated end of LBC 97.3 crossed with some US public radio-style arts and business coverage and a bunch of sport at the weekend. With its intelligent, quirky presenter/journalists, national coverage and a strong overall sound Newstalk provides direct competition for the public broadcaster RTE.

I also like the station’s imaging producer John Davies. John’s a guy I employed some years ago at the BBC because he had the imagination and enthusiasm to make promo campaigns that delivered a direct clear message but weren’t formulaic.

Now he’s got his station nominated in Ireland’s Radio Advertising awards for this promo featuring Roy Keane and a mobile phone.

[audio:|titles=”Roy Keane promo – Newstalk 106-108″]

Hear how John takes the audio entirely out of context, totally misrepresents the situation and implies a third-party endorsement which didn’t exist. All the things I told him never to do when he worked for the BBC. Good work.

This promo is up for public vote in the awards so if you want to support John just email “Best Radio Station Entry = Newstalk – Roy’s Press Conference” to – but hurry, the ceremony is on Friday.


  1. Hey I just heard this promo, and although the concept might be cool. I had to listen to it 3 times to understand what was being conveyed to me. I think this is what is wrong with radio today. That promo was anything but remarkable. It doesn’t have legs and if I heard that on the radio I would not tell someone about it. Seth Godin is so correct about marketing when he says ideas that spread win. There’s nothing worth spreading about this promo. This promo sounds like it was made in 5 minutes. We are living in the age of “don’t interrupt me”, so one would think you have to make those 30-60 seconds of the listeners time count. What’s in for me? No offense but I think the mark was missed on this.

  2. …and it looks like the judges agreed with you Sean. It didn’t win. However, John has been in touch to say that another of his productions collected “the Grand Prix award for the best overall promo”. Apparently it was a promo for Budget coverage, not for overalls.