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How production used to be done

This is a great fun video introduction to an awards category at the American Mercury Radio Awards from 1995.

I have no idea why this has suddenly surfaced fifteen years after it was made but it’s a lovely glimpse into a world that’s changed so much with digitisation.

If you’re young enough never to have used analogue tape, carts and a live mixing desk for your production then this is for you. See what hell your forefathers went through so you can sit at a Mac all day.

One Comment

  1. Hey I just heard this promo, and although the concept might be cool. I had to listen to it 3 times to understand what was being conveyed to me. I think this is what is wrong with radio today. That promo was anything but remarkable. It doesn’t have legs and if I heard that on the radio I would not tell someone about it. Seth Godin is so correct about marketing when he says ideas that spread win. There’s nothing worth spreading about this promo. This promo sounds like it was made in 5 minutes. We are living in the age of “don’t interrupt me”, so one would think you have to make those 30-60 seconds of the listeners time count. What’s in for me? No offense but I think the mark was missed on this.