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Earshot podcast: April 2010

Arden Hanley of Global Radio (Aussie) and Chris Nicol of WizzFX (Kiwi) now both loving London. Plus a man with a foil tray.

It’s the Earshot Creative Review radio podcast for April 2010. Once again, we recorded it in a pub.

This month you’ll hear the voices of Arden Hanley (coughing like a jet plane in an ash cloud), myself (carrying a cold so heavy it got checked into excess baggage) and Chris Nicoll (as beautifully uncongested as Britain’s airspace).

Arden leads the imaging teams for 95.8 Capital FM, XFM and the Hit Music Network of which he said:

“You can’t dictate from London something that will work in Nottingham, for example or something that will work in Wales.”

Arden also runs the Ruptured Spark imaging house. Chris, meanwhile, is a freelance writer and producer who operates as WizzFX and is currently working for Global Radio, Jack FM and other stations. He  arrived in the UK from New Zealand last year.

In the podcast we play and talk about loads of great audio from the UK, New Zealand, Germany and Ghana. We also consider what the Sony Radio Academy Award nominations mean for radio producers.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your comments and contributions to the podcast – your input makes it a better show  – we’re all in this together etc.

Play the audio here: Duration 41’32”

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review for April 2010.”]

Download the mp3 (38.9M).

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Music beds in this edition are courtesy of and we’d like to thank The Round Table pub of St Martin’s Court, London for having us.

Views expressed in this feature are those of the contributors and not of Global Radio, the BBC or any other organisation mentioned. We acknowledge all rights held by the owners, creators and performers of the recorded works which are included solely for the purpose of review.