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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

A cloudy forecast

Every now and then we see a production innovation that doesn’t just build on existing techniques but signals a move toward a totally different approach. So when three such examples all appear at once the direction of travel becomes startlingly clear.

Get ready for cloud-based production.

Here are the three clues that indicate it’s on its way. You may have seen others so do share them if you have.

1. Soundation

A fast, browser-based, online music creation and editing tool from PowerFX. Use the free supplied samples or buy from the “sound shop”. The “audio lockers” give you capacity to save and use your own sounds too.

2. Phantom Producer

Phantom Producer

Billed as the world’s first desktop radio imager, this tool lets “anyone in just seconds” disaggregate and repurpose imaging elements created by Jeff Thomas and Arden Hanley.

Once subscribed you gain access to a library of effects, voice talent and a browser-based assembly interface that promises to make imaging production both easy and fast.

3. Myna

Myna is a free online audio editor with social media sharing tools so you can work collaboratively on audio projects anywhere there’s a browser. It’s part of a suite of Flash-based creative production tools from Aviary. Look – they’re challenging Adobe’s dominance of the creative tools market… by using Flash!

Why not upload your station’s imaging elements to Myna? Then next time the PD calls you up when you’re shopping or on holiday, simply pop into the nearest internet cafĂ© and your production hero status is intact.

None of these tools will fully replicate or replace your existing studio set-up (and of course the Flash-based tools like Myna won’t work on your iPad) but now seems a good time to think about cloud-based production and the opportunities it will open-up for you and your competitors.