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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio


A cow enjoys listening to Smooooth Radio

A cow enjoys Smoooooth Radio at one end and a gentle squeeze at the udder.

sfx: clock ticking

vo: The clock is ticking etc.

Just to remind you that the closing date for entries in the Cow Moo Challenge is next Monday, 9 August.

Already, stations from across the UK and beyond have submitted entries and today’s news about cloned cow products has suddenly brought news and talk stations into the, er, field.

Full details and handy cow fx audio below.

The Cow Moo Challenge

The Cow Moo Challenge

Original photo (c) Rick Harrison. Used with kind permission.

You could win! Best use of a cow moo in a piece of radio imaging wins the entire joint. And we mean that. It’s a joint of beef.

Here’s what to do

1. Make a radio promo, trail, sweeper or other imaging element that includes the sound of a cow moo.

2. Put it on the radio.

3. Email the evidence to

4. Listen to the next Earshot Creative Review to see whether you’ve won.

Need cows? Of course you do.

We’ve found a selection of copyright-free cow moos that are truly outstanding in their field. Download copyright-free moos.