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Creative Review for August

radio's James Cridland, Steve Martin and David Couch

James Cridland and David Couch in typical showbusiness mood. Picture by Sally Walker.

You’ll learn a lot from this month’s Earshot Creative Review with David Couch and James Cridland. And you’ll hear a lot of radio ads.

Discover how Spotify is allowing advertisers to target audiences by postcode, what is the most important content to have on your radio station web site and what not to do with cameras in the studio. Hear ads from Cuervo, Kwik Fit, Transport for London and the Bentall Centre, plus an educational promo from Absolute Radio.

Play the audio here: Duration 42’17”

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review for August 2010.”]

Download the mp3 (39.7M).

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David Couch is Managing Director of Maple Street Studios and a former creative head at GCap and Global. You’ll hear him enthuse about some superb radio ads and discuss the freedom and new opportunities of product placement.

Radio futurologist James Cridland divulges tip after tip on radio’s multiplatform future. Be sure to take notes – James’s clients spend vast sums of money on his advice. You only have to pay attention.

And, as always, there’s tons of great audio including leading entrants to The Cow Moo Challenge and its ultimate winner. Thank goodness that’s over.


Thanks to London’s Somerset House for hosting our recording on their wonderful sunny terrace, thanks to for the music beds and thanks to Pascal Standaert from Belgium for the ident used towards the end of the podcast.

Next Month

Inside Glide – the story of the year’s biggest radio stunt so far direct from the people who pulled it off, and what’s going on at BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music? Christopher Reay shares his perspective from the production desk. Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss it. There’ll be no cows.

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  1. Great show as usual, although may I make a plea to return to the pub or the park for the upcoming editions. Somerset House sounds too distracting on headphones. May be the MP3 acts as a sort of Optimod.

  2. A plea to return to the pub, eh? Who am I to refuse?! It was rather hectic at Somerset House at the height of the school holidays. We’re back there this month but it’s much quieter now. Oh, and the thing that’s acting like an Optimod is not the mp3 coding but, er, the Optimod. I’ll turn it down a smidge.


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