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David Hooper’s Disgusting Electronica

David Hooper's Disgusting Electronica

If you like any one of the following:

  • radio silliness
  • tight production
  • melodic electronica
  • the BBC not taking itself seriously

then listen to David Hooper’s Disgusting Electronica from BBC Radio 1.

It’s here on the BBC iPlayer until Monday.

The music may be up to date but David’s reference points stretch back over seventy years of radio entertainment. For example, the conceit of Justin Bieber taking his first shave accompanied by the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra is pure Goons.

All this means you can accept it as a warped music programme for after-party chilling or a radio fan’s treasure chest. It works in clubwear or anorak.

The digital folk at BBC Radio 1 have recognised the novelty appeal by carefully chapterising the programme on the iPlayer so you can jump to the funnies, or the music.

That’s a lot of effort going into a decidedly off-peak programme but the chances are a big chunk of its audience will be listening on demand.

See what you think and, while you listen, I’ll get my my credit card. Must subscribe to “Radio 1 premium”. It’s only £9.99 a month as you’ll discover at chapter 10.

One Comment

  1. Well David Hooper has been in touch to say that all editions of this programme are available for download at – and he’s extended permission for us to use some of the show in the next Earshot Creative Review. That’s the spirit, thanks David.