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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Better brainstorms: 1. Be somewhere else

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Where are you when you come up with your best ideas?

If you’ve ever asked this question to a room of radio people you’ll know to expect responses like:

  • in the gym
  • while driving
  • in the shower
  • out shopping
  • during a movie
  • in bed

Very few people, if any, will nominate “the office” or “the studio”. Funny that, because that’s where we tend to spend most of our so-called “creative time”.

Part of this is about taking advantage of the places we naturally daydream (or access the Alpha and Theta waves in our brains if you like) but it’s also about novelty.

Quite simply, if you want new ideas you need to think differently, so go somewhere you haven’t been before.

It could be somewhere of direct relevance to the challenge you’re trying to crack, thereby acting as cultural immersion, or somewhere that provides a distraction to stimulate your mind in a new and unpredictable way.

If you do nothing else to improve your creativity, at least get your colleagues together and get out.

Next time: whom to invite?