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Ever wanted to be a radio star?

On the back of their Father Kissmas promotion in Q4 – the team at Kiss have now launched a major promotion this morning, with Blackberry, giving listeners a chance to be the next presenter on the Kiss network.

The search was launched this morning at 7.30 with Andy Roberts, Programme Director, coming on the Breakfast Show with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie to launch the campaign. A popular radio promotion giving listeners the chance to be the face or the voice of their favourite radio station – and a guaranteed opportunity to raise awareness and listener engagement.

The team at Bauer have creative a dynamic web environment for listeners to find out more and register to be the radio star of the future. Listeners can head along to the live heats throughout the month at shopping centres across London or register a video entry via the website. Make sure you also notice the great Facebook and Google Maps integration into the web activity – really bringing it to life!

The judging panel will comprise of Kiss Group Programme Director Andy Roberts and a Kiss presenter at each event, including Manny Norté, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie who will shortlist the five best entrants from each heat. From there a gauntlet of trials and challenges will be set, where the most successful contestant will be crowned The Kiss Chosen One.

Kiss Chosen One Creative

There’s also video tips from the “pros” too –which are worth checking out as well as information about the sponsor. Click here to view the video. (Note to KISS: You might want to check the link of the ‘more info’ section for Blackberry – it’s a duff! Doh! ) UPDATE: Good to hear from the team at KISS and to know you’ve updated the microsite – happy to help! 🙂

I reckon there will be lots of on air activity too which will sound really local and relevant to the audience (local voices or presenters going “I’m down here in Westfield with Tamika”) – again, really putting the campaign to life!

Speaking to the people behind the campaign – Andy Roberts, Kiss Group Programme Director says: ”It’s always important for us to grow our own talent and to offer new opportunities to our listeners – The Kiss Chosen One is a great chance for someone to get a head start in our industry”.

Talent searches on air is nothing new to radio – but the way this is executed is really on brand and has real stand out. I’m sure there are also many ‘Radio Star’ alumni still on the air – a few like Gemma Ray (winner on Rock FM) and Tim Lichfield (winner on BRMB Birmingham)come to me at the top of mind.

Drop us a line if this includes you and we’ll create a list!

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