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How’s your wedding planning?

There are one hundred days until the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the BBC has used this opportunity to launch its global coverage of the feelgood event of the decade™.

Here’s a promo:

[audio:|titles=”Royal Wedding 100 days promo – BBC”]

Clearly, for audiences around the world, it will feel entirely right to turn to the British public broadcaster for a British public event.

But brand ownership of such an occasion is harder within the UK. The Royal Wedding will be such a pervasive event here that every broadcaster believably can claim a piece of the action.

While the Wills and Kate ceremony is surely a television event, the wider wedding buzz is perfect for radio. TV can do the set-piece live coverage but a radio station’s intimate place in our lives will let it connect with the national mood as the event approaches.

The Royal Wedding is also highly talkable, female-friendly and, set against a backdrop of a challenging economy, provides a refreshing mood-setter for advertisers. Don’t we all feel a bit better off when we’re surrounded by opulence?

Certainly radio seldom gets shared experiences like this offered to us on a plate, let alone Buckingham Palace’s best silverware.

So, with only 100 days to go, what is your Royal Wedding strategy?

Photograph: Aynsley Royal Engagement China, by kind permission of 2011 Royal Wedding Shop.
Audio produced by Karen Deco, courtesy BBC.