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Livin’ la Vida local with BRMB

Another nice piece of outdoor from Birmingham’s BRMB, sorry, *brmb. Once again the station is playing the local card or, in this case, the local 48-sheet poster.

This execution might mean little to outsiders but is delightfully provocative to the folk of Bournville.

Bournville village was developed by the Cadbury family as accommodation for its factory workers. As Quakers, the Cadbury family did not believe the consumption of alcohol should be a major focus of life and so few licensed premises and no pubs were permitted in the area. This was still the case when I lived there in the early 90s.

Of course, my former neighbours don’t need this explanation which is what makes the poster so powerful. It speaks through a shared understanding. The history lesson can go unsaid.

The campaign is touching some nerves as reaction on the hyper-local Bournville website and the hyper-local Digbeth website shows.

Should brmb care about tiddly hyper-local websites? Yes – where better to underline its local credentials.

Should the station worry that some reaction is critical? No – it proves brmb is relevant again. Good work.


  1. Just as an update:

    BRMB have contacted me to let me know they’ve ‘had word that Foxy & Giuliano & Jo and Sparky will take you up on that offer of a guided tour.’ and it seems I’ll be on the BRMB Breakfast Show tomorrow morning talking to Giuliano about this.

    Cheers, Nicky at Digbeth is Good

  2. Sorry for calling you ‘tiddly’ Nicky. You are, as Jasper Carrott would have it, world famous in Digbeth.

  3. No worries – It’s like I said to ave Harte of Bournville Village, we may be small, but we *are* effective! 🙂


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