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The Capital FM Flashmobs

On Monday morning – a handful of Galaxy stations across the UK joined together with a handful of ‘Hit Music’ stations to become the mighty 95 – 106 Capital FM Network. You can read about a lot of their marketing strategy here. If you lived in the areas that changed – its likely you would of seen something rather special hit the streets!

The teams at Capital decided to get out and about and really create a stir – something that would get the new station name noticed and generate talk-ability amongst friends, colleagues, family and peers! It’s a tactic that’s been commonly used by brands like T-Mobile as well as celebritites and personalities like Jamie Oliver.

A flash mob is about creating a really unusal experience in a really normal place – and shocking everyone with something great! Here’s some of the flash mobs created on the streets of the ex-Galaxy TSA’s using Hit Music playlist songs to really get people noticing …

Capital FM Birmingham (go out 1’38 in to see the Flash Mob)

Capital FM Manchester

Image Source: Global Radio

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One Comment

  1. Sooooo dull, the looks of dis interest and the numbers of people wandering by are telling.
    A flash mob is meant to be spontaneous and involve masses of people, whoever commisioned this was either conned or deluded.


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