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The Earshot year

2010 Letterpress Calendar

I’d resisted publishing a blog highlights list until now. It seemed introspective, even self-centred. However, similar lists on other blogs have been a real pleasure to read over the festive holidays.

So, just before we lurch back to work, here are Earshot’s top ten from 2010.

Excluding pages relating to the Earshot Creative Review podcast (which yields the most popular content here by a country mile), some individual posts stand out as being well read. Google Analytics has totted them up, so now let’s count them down.

10. An everyday idea made brilliant

18 November. How one station in Sri Lanka turned a classic contest mechanic into something far bigger.

9. Where talking about Facebook on air is illegal

8 September. Why public radio in Sweden is no longer able to  promote its Facebook page.

8. David Hooper’s Disgusting Electronica

31 August. A quick plug for show I caught on Radio 1 that might appeal to radio production people.

7. The sounds of success

4 January. An interview with Kate Arkless Gray about the BBC’s award-winning Save Our Sounds initiative.

6. Pirate radio in London

27 March. A really super video documentary about Pirate Radio, produced by a shoe firm.

5. Who is really number one in Manchester?

15 July. Two stations scrapping over a strapline, and this story’s still not over.

4. Six words

4 August. What six words define your brand? The folk at TalkSPORT know theirs.

3. The power of purpose

19 August. A lesson in tactical deployment from Glide FM and my old chemistry master.

2. Dudvertising

3 January. I get mildly irritated by an off-beam piece of advertising from a UK local radio station. A UKRD exec later got in touch to promise this kind of nonsense wouldn’t happen now that they own the station.

1 Product placement – how it could sound

20 November. As Ofcom prepared it’s announcement on the rules governing advertiser funded content, this was a sneak preview of how it might sound, brought to you in association with our friends at Bauer.

I hope you enjoyed those memories. Now, in a spirit of openness, here’s an analytics topline for the blog:


Year-on-year, the site has grown significantly. Unique users are up 107% to 3,125, total pageviews are up 162% to 9,920 and average dwell time is up 17% .

25% more of this traffic came to the site direct, rather than via referring sites and search engines.

What browsers and computers are we using?

In 2010 Earshot readers used 28% Firefox, 25% Internet Explorer, 22% Chrome and 19% Safari.

Operating systems used were 66% Windows, 24% Mac, 5.5% iPhone, 1.2% Linux and 1.2% iPad.


Earshot readership is becoming more globally spread. 75% of traffic came from the UK in 2010. In the previous year the UK accounted for 83%. In 2010, the US and Canada contributed 7% of traffic between them, Belgium and the Netherlands a further 4%.

Finally, special thanks to the 1.44% of you who come to the site via a dial-up connection. I hope the page has loaded this far down for you!

Photograph: 2010 Letterpress Calendar by Sarah Parrott, on Flickr. Used under licence.