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Tracking the big radio stories

I like The Archers, and I like Capital FM, but which is bigger? There’s only one way to find out… Google Trends.

It seems that “Capital FM” has been consistently a more popular search term than that of “The Archers” until Christmas Day, then they tied neck-and-neck for a bit before The Archers enjoyed a rise in almost exact reverse proportion to the rate of Nigel’s descent from the roof of Lower Loxley. Spooky.

You’ll see I searched for “Capital Radio” too but “Capital FM” is clearly the preferred search term which suggests the station’s listeners broadly know its name. And there’s a couple of Galaxy variants on the chart too, neither of which appears particularly excited.

It will be interesting to see the chart change in the days ahead as The Archers story cycle matures in the media and more people get used to having Capital FM on their dial. Here’s the live link to the Google Trends chart I used.

One Comment

  1. “in almost exact reverse proportion to the rate of Nigel’s descent from the roof of Lower Loxley. Spooky.”

    Hehe – that line made me chuckle.