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Catch the ads – tv can, what about radio?

There’s been a recent buzz within online press and the Twittersphere in light of technological advancements to TV advertising – but none more so than the new TV ad from Honda. Honda is launching the first television advertising campaign that lets consumers interact with a TV ad via an iPhone app to promote its new Jazz model. Could this be a great model for radio?

Firstly, let’s look at the radio advertising lanscape – Radio advertising is a tried and tested medium for generating response in a trusted and friendly environment. Additionally, radio provides efficient targeting for brands based on the station programming and target demographics.

As we know in todays world – radio is ever the multi-platform medium with mobile listening applications (2.2 million smartphone owners have downloaded a radio app*),on-demand listening (12.7 million adults have used a Listen Again service*) and more listening happening over IP devices than ever before (16.3 million* listeners claim to have ever listened to radio via the internet*).

Another of radio’s key strengths is its ability to be a background medium,  listeners can be doing other activities and not be focused onto radio output all the time. One of the reasons why radio listening is so popular is that it does not require constant attention. Honda says the campaign is in-tune with the changing way audiences consume media, using multiple screens and devices at the same time. (How often do you watch a programme on TV or hear something on the radio – then post a Tweet about it straight after!)

Radio is full of engaging commercially led branded content opportunities encompassing on air, off air and online mechanics. It wouldn’t sound unusual for an in-advert voiceover or a presenter (within a live read) to ask you to “swipe your phone to your radio”, “point your phone to your Radioplayer browser” or “shake your mobile app” to access more content, get a free sample, receive a new artist MP3 in your iTunes library .etc.

Even more exciting – it could happen out of the advertiser experience and within radio programming – by either offering extra news, travel and weather information or engaging entertainment content. Example: There’s only enough time for a short clip of the interview with The Saturdays between “the hits” – but swipe you phone and you’ll get to hear Roberto’s full interview and much more with the band before their big gig in London or Why not collect all of the Breakfast team from The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show and get a mini Chrisitian, mini Richie, mini Maggie .etc on your phone at any time!

I don’t think that “app swipe” technology and advertiser experience is far away within radio at all  – and in some sense it already happens within some radio station listening mobile applications. For the Honda TV advert,  “screen hopping technology” uses audio recognition to sync the app to the spots soundtrack, identifying which character to “catch.”

Smooth Radio's Carlos

Honda are currently the sponsors of the Drivetime with Carlos across the UK wide Smooth Radio network as part of a 12 month sponsorship campaign negotiated by GMG Radio Solutions and Starcom Mediavest. They’re currently running a top up promotion to launch the new Jazz model as part of sponsorship.

Here’s a short video of consumers engaging with the advert in action which starts on screen from 1 February.

* Source: RAJAR Measurement of Internet Delivered Audio Services (MIDAS 7) – November ’10

Images: Honda

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  1. Thank you for the good information. Here in the US we see things a little differently, but it’s nice to see your opinions!!!