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Jam up the pump

Retro Petrol

What do we want? Cheap petrol. When do we want it? When the cost of topping-up the tank is top-of-mind. Like on budget day.

So fuel marks to Gem 106 for picking today for their Retro Petrol promotion.

The East Midlands station gave 106 listeners a tank full at 2001 prices, that’s 76 pence a litre.

106 – 2001 – 76  is quite a lot of different numbers to convey in a promotion but the ten-year-ago reference point is a clever way of positioning the station and the promotion certainly looks effective, bringing local roads to a standstill.

That’s exactly the kind of fuss a new station needs.

By the way, petrol here in Nairobi is currently 102 Kenyan Shillings or about, er, 76 pence per litre.

Picture from the Gem 106 website. Hope the nice people at Orion don’t mind.