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The next Earshot Creative Review will be out soon.

If it was a Radio 4 programme it would be labelled “a special”, a handy broadcasting euphemism which means variously “sorry it’s not what you’ve grown to like” or sometimes “this was expensive to make” but more often than not “our producer has a big ego”.

This edition of the Earshot podcast is certainly the most expensive yet, being recorded at the Radiodays Europe event in Copenhagen where the beer comes in at a fiver a pint. It’s at times like this that you realise the value of a good sponsor. Thank you Hobsons.

My guests in the podcast will be Absolute Radio’s chief operating officer, Clive Dickens, the celebrated European programmer Sam Zniber who spent much of his radio career in the production studio and Mark Barber, director of planning at the UK’s RadioCentre.

They’re all bringing audio to play and I’ll be aiming to discover what they, as industry leaders, really want from production and producers.

You may have questions too. So if you do please add them as comments below or, if you’d rather communicate privately, email