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In praise of… The Radio Academy


When technologist Nick Piggott coined the seminal phrase “agree on technology, compete on content” it reminded many in the radio industry that all-out blind, unthinking rivalry between broadcasters is seldom beneficial.

There’s a lot we can do together which is both good for the health of the radio industry and helpful to listeners.

One such example of this is The Radio Academy. It’s funded by its patrons for the greater good of radio and all of us who work in it.

The Academy is most famous for its Radio Festival and the Sony Radio Academy Awards but many people I meet in radio don’t know what it can do for them or, crucially, that they can join free of charge.

Indeed, in more than 20 years working at the BBC I can’t recall a single piece of internal communication promoting it.

If you work for a Radio Academy patron like the BBC, Global Radio, Bauer, GMG, Orion Media or UTV your membership is free.

Membership gets you into branch events around the country, discounted entry to conferences and a range of special offers like 25% off PURE radios, for example.

And right now, membership also gives you a say in how the Academy is run.

There are many excellent candidates you can vote for in the Trustees election. I’m rather flattered to be among them, having been proposed by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Adrian Van Klaveren. Of course I would welcome your support too if you would be so inclined to vote in the election.

But you have to join first. Remember, it’s likely to be free.