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Bitchy fun

Imaging aficionados will be familiar with the current style of identity used by BBC Radio 1. It’s created by PureTonic and features individual syllables from human speech, highly processed and cut to the impacts of their accompanying sound design, spelling out the station name.

Tuning up and down the digital dial I reckon it’s pretty distinctive. It’s certainly produced with a lot of care and attention to detail. Let’s face it, if Radio 1 was your client, you’d pull out a few stops too.

However, the more lyrical and musical imaging on the Chris Moyles show is a product of rival production house Music4. Their work is also produced to extremely high standards, but based on a different concept.

It’s a tribute to both the establishment of Pure Tonic’s work and the creative, playful attitude of Moyles, Sandy Beech and the guys at Music4 that this piece of bitchy fun aired on Radio 1 earlier…

Clash in Station Sound by stephendew

Hat tip to Stephen Dew for spotting this at an early hour.

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