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Can a Twitter trending topic be a measureable metric?

Yesterday saw the first in a set of announcements across the newly formed national Capital FM network – in regards to the line-up for their annual multi artist concert, the Summertime Ball. Can a buzz across twitter for the event be a measureable metric?

Since Capital became a national network at the start of the year – it’s received a large amount of both praise and criticism from listeners, industry and critics alike. However, one thing that is had continued to do, and does very well, is to engage its target audience of media savvy 15-34’s within the social media space. The Capital FM Media pack states the audience as “they live on their mobile phone and life is just a text, tweet or status update away”, and this is delivered to the full by Global’s online and programming teams – bringing the story and creative of on-air into the social media space.

Yesterday (Tuesday 3rd May) morning saw a slow trickle of artists being announced throughout the day via on-air announcements and social media. What is interesting, and welcoming, is how ‘Summertime Ball’ (or #STB how it was shortened too) became a trending topic on Twitter.

So – as expected for the majority of the day – the local trending topics forLondonincluded Summertime Ball

Trending Topics in London (3/5/11 at 1700)

In the last few weeks, Twitter has also introduced ‘Local Trends’ – which allow us to see more specifically what is trending in local areas of the country. In the UK – these are the metropolitan cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow (previously it’s just been UK  and London).

So, did Summertime Ball start trending inBirmingham and Manchester….

Can Twitter help provide a metric for measuring interest and desire with national radio brands? Well, I don’t see it replacing RAJAR anytime soon, but interesting all the same to see the effect of the Capital Network to young people across the UK.

Update – Thanks to Charles Ubaghs, Community Editor (Social Media) at Global Radio for letting me know that Summertime Ball was in fact a worldwide trending topic on launch day. Great work Global Radio!

Disclaimer – All posts and views are my own, and are not endorsed or representative of any current or previous employer.

Image Source: Global Radio / Twitter

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  1. Hello, I run social media for global and just wanted to add that Summertime Ball was also trending globally for a spell yesterday. We’re very pleased with the reaction to yesterday’s artist reveal.