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Earshot Creative Review, April 2011

Ken Lindsay and Gavin Pearson

Recorded in Glasgow towards the end of April, this is one of my favourite Earshot Creative Reviews yet – a thoroughly enjoyable celebration of some superb creative radio production, played by a couple of really great producers.

Play it and you’ll hear Ken Lindsay of BBC Radio Scotland, Gavin Pearson from Bauer Scotland and a nasty shock for me.

Radio production in the podcast comes from Clyde 1, Forth 1, Manchester’s Key 103 and BBC Radio Scotland and we also discuss architecture and ageing.

The audio

Play the audio here: Duration 35’42”

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review, April 2011.”]

Download the audio (160kb/s mp3, 41.9M)
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Ken Lindsay

As BBC Scotland’s senior promotions producer Ken keeps-up a creative production tradition that I contributed to in the early 90s and which helped Radio Scotland secure the Sony “national station of the year” award in 1994. I understand it remains the only time the national award was given to a station serving just one nation (Scotland) rather than the whole UK.

Gavin Pearson

Gavin is the senior guy responsible for imaging and production on all of Bauer’s Scottish stations, from the mighty Clyde 1 in the West to Moray Firth Radio in Inverness whose production is nominated for a Sony Radio Academy Award this year. In the audio you’ll hear how Gavin is using Clyde’s local heritage to defend itself against the newly-arrived Capital FM.


Imaging by Chris Nichol at Wizz FX, beds by radiobeds and thanks also to Stewart Priest and John Collins who made my recent visit to Glasgow particularly enjoyable. They’re not in the podcast but are both talented figures in Scottish radio and I’d like to extend a public thanks to them for making me feel at home in the city again.


  1. another brilliant episode.

  2. [via Facebook] Brilliant edition from Scotland. Blows away any cliche thinking you may have. These guys have great strategic thinking north of the border. What recording equipment are you using? Sounds incredibly crisp and punchy (which means its superb).