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BBC Radio 2 turned upside down

The UK

One way to challenge perceptions is to take a fresh perspective on what’s always been there.

Until I lived in Scotland I thought Manchester was roughly at the centre of the UK. This map puts paid to that presumption.

Now BBC Radio 2 is turning itself on its head with a one-day event on Wednesday 22 June.

Called 2 day it will contain all the familiar BBC Radio 2 people and music, just shaken about, encouraging listeners to reappraise and rediscover.

It’s not exactly upside-down (we’re spared The Organist Entertains at breakfast) but the team at 2 has lined-up a really colourful day of shows, packed with must-hear moments and all drawn from its regular talent and content.

For example I’ll be tuning in for Claudia Winkleman in the peak 8am slot, live sessions mid-morning and Chris Evans and Zoe Ball together. Trevor Nelson and Tony Blackburn playing Soul together could be magical.

But step back from the detail and the line-up reveals the deep strengths Radio 2 has in every daypart. How many stations could schedule their off-peak presenters into primetime and end up with must-hear radio?