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Christian O’Connell on a mobility scooter

The team behind the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio have been talking about the ‘Mobility Scooter Grand Prix’ on their radio show for a while now and Wednesday morning saw the early morning team make the Grand Prix happen. Driving? That’s quite a ‘visual’ thing I hear you say? Radio?! Well, rest assured the team at One Golden Square have not left their listeners’ eyes unserved.

In recent years the visual element of radio has improved and improved. As an example the Chris Moyles Marathon radio show was a fifty-two hour visual treat brought to life on red button and the internet. There’s nothing worse than radio-for-the-sake-of-it-turned-into-bad-telly.

Full hats off to the teams at Absolute Radio for producing both a slick, well produced and edited production of the event, complimented by a strong, creative and well-produced viral video which shows the “behind the scenes” delivery for this scooter Grand Prix.

The videos are certaintly worth a little watch – it had me giggling …

It’s a simple and creative on air feature – that works. The success lies in fact it has been executed strongly through all the station touch points (in the show, across the station schedule, online videos, build up videos, photos, social media) and how the on-air talent have driven the idea through and made it a reality. The Breakfast show – which aims to entertain ‘reluctant adults’ (that being adults who really don’t want to grow up and want to live their life through music, entertainment and sport) – has come up with a fun and simple way of having a laugh and engaging audiences through delivery of great content both on air, off air and online.