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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The next radio conference

suits [uniform and uniformity] by the|G|™ on Flickr

If you work in radio and wear a suit then Thursday 15th September might be a good day to leave it at Johnsons.

While your best worsted twill is getting a chemical rinse you could be immersing yourself in forward-thinking ideas that relate directly to tomorrow’s radio.

And you’ll fit in better without the suit.

The Next Radio conference is specifically for the do-ers of radio, is priced accordingly and promises to pack-in the ideas, insights and opinions. It’s fast-moving too with sessions that are shorter than Capital’s artist separation rule.

What’s the catch? Well, there are only 120 tickets and I’m keen that readers of this blog get some of them.

Promotions, marketing and imaging people play a significant role in radio’s success. This is a great opportunity for us to top-up our understanding of where radio should be heading and how we can help it get there.

I’ve secured my attendance and I hope to see you there. In shirt sleeves.