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You get one more chance

Hobsons Mystery Voice competition

This competition has now closed.

As 96.4 Eagle Radio’s Peter Gordon explained in the latest Earshot Creative Review it’s surprising and rather entertaining how many people get Mystery Voice competitions wrong.

And so it’s proved with our little competition to identify the voices of two Hobsons artists.

If you’re making your way in production you’re clearly bright, have acute hearing skills and should find it a breeze.

So why are there so many wrong answers? It’s most of them. And it seems the male voice is proving particularly troublesome.
The view from my hotel window
Perhaps the view from your window distracted you. You’ll see that’s not something I’m suffering from in this Nigerian Hotel.

So check your answers and, if necessary, have another go. We’ve changed the rules so you can enter again, your final entry counts and we finally close this competition on Sunday night. Promise.

I’ve helped you enough. It’s up to you now, and you could win a studio session with an artist from the Hobsons roster.