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Earshot Creative Review, holiday edition

Matt Lomax and James Stodd
It’s a lock-in.

Enjoy an extended edition with James Stodd of the BBC and Matt Lomax from Kiss. At an hour long, it’s perfect listening on your Summer holiday.

James’s audio shows how the BBC is using smart promotional techniques to convey public service messages while Matt demonstrates how he puts listeners at the centre of the Kiss imaging.

Together we discuss monitoring for the real-world, studio sound design techniques and we share your comments and reaction in a new feature: the EarShout.

Big reveal

We also reveal the answers and the winners of the Hobsons Mystery Voice competition, hear from the Radio Academy Sound Designer of the Year Peregrine Andrews and play production from one of the world’s youngest professional radio imaging producers.

Get the audio

Play the audio here: Duration 59’55”

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review, July 2011.”]

Download the audio (160kb/s mp3, 70.3M)
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Imaging by Chris Nichol at Wizz FX, beds by Radiobeds, sponsorship by Hobsons. Thanks to The Coal Hole on London’s Strand for hosting us.

Next time

We meet British radio advertising copywriter and producer Simon Rushton who now works in Kenya and is a fervent supporter of the creative-led sell.

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