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Listening to the radio is good for you, say scientists

So you spend all day listening to the radio -whether it be your own station or another. Well good news! Scientists have now proven that all our hard work creating radio for people to listen too is paying off. Apparently – listening to the radio has health benefits.

Aside from COI campaigns, tactical health, dieting and NHS related promotions along with the facts on how Radio makes you happy – now, the Daily Mail explores how changing your radio station can help in a healthly lifestyle:

Perhaps it’s about time you skipped The Archers. Doing something different every day — even just switching radio stations — shakes us out of our daily routine and can help us kick bad habits, according to Professor Ben Fletcher, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University.

‘Deeply engrained habits of thinking and behaviour keep us doing things that are bad for us, like smoking, eating and drinking too much or becoming stuck in negative thought patterns, all of which impacts on our health,’ he says. ‘We can make our lives so much better by making very small changes.’

Do you think I can give up my gym class and listen to the wireless tonight instead?