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No rebrand justified


At yesterday’s rather brilliant NextRadio conference I bumped into Thomas Giger from Pure Jingles. He’s just completed a new jingle package for NRJ.

[audio:|titles=”NRJ 2011 jingles by Pure Jingles”]

What strikes me is that NRJ is still using the exact same logo melody* and strapline it launched with thirty years ago. Even Coke changes its strap more often.

Being a CHR formatted station, NRJ’s branding properties are far older than their target audience.

Can any station beat NRJ for consistency?

*if you’re not a jingle anorak (i.e. you’re normal) that’s the three-note musical motif to which the letters NRJ are always sung.

yes I know I promised to post the summary slide and notes. This will happen over the weekend.

Photograph by VieDeGeek on Flickr. Used under licence.