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Earshot Creative Review, October 2011

Heads of creativity

Simon Rushton, Jardin Lobo and Tim Johns. They never actually met.

Recorded at the height of London’s recent Indian Summer heatwave this podcast brings together radio creatives from India, Kenya and the rural British county of Lincolnshire.

You’ll hear Jardin Lobo explain how spot advertising and live talk-ups work on Indian FM stations and get a wider sense of the changing nature of radio in that huge country. You’ll also hear Gillard award-winning producer Tim Johns from BBC Radio Lincolnshire play his promos and show production. Together Jardin and Tim compare their work and generally try to keep a conversation going over a flaky Skype connection.

Also this time, Nairobi-based radio advertising consultant Simon Rushton says we should always prioritise effective advertising over creative advertising and he explains how to do it. On a beach.

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Photographs from our beach location in Sierra Leone

Hauling a boat up the beach

Lakka beach in the rainy season

Rock pools at Lakka

A sea dish


Imaging by Wizz FX, beds by Radiobeds, sponsorship by Hobsons. Indian music is Haratanaya See by Veena Kinhal. Used under Public Domain licence. The beach relaxation music we knocked up in 15 minutes on Reason. It’s not available in the shops.

Next time

The evolution of Capital FM’s imaging with Chris Nicol and writer, voiceover and producer Helen Quigley on the appeal of shifting from television to radio creative.

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