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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Britain Loves Radio

It’s official! Britain Loves Radio! A mammoth 91% of the adult population tune into their favourite radio stations every week. Starting from next week, the Radio Advertising Bureauwill launch a multi level campaign to remind advertisers and agencies that Britain really does LOVE radio!

The six-figure multimedia campaign to help promote ‘radio’ will run airtime spots on commercial radio as well as print and online advertising, sponsorships, awards, conferences and the re-launch of the RAB website.

The following standout 40″ creatives will run across commercial radio to push the medium:

[audio:|titles=Baby] [audio:|titles=Robinson] [audio:|titles=Harvey] [audio:|titles=Ambulance]

The Britain Loves Radio campaign positions radio as an “essential and positive choice” for brand marketers and will underpin all of the RAB’s marketing work undertaken over the next year.

The Britain Loves Radio theme will continue across the new RAB website,  which will showcase all aspects of UK commercial radio, including customer-facing events and industry developments. The site will also have a new Google-based interactive mapping system, designed by MediaTel, which planners can use to plot ad campaigns by reach, station, location, sales point and Rajar or Barb region. The maps can also be exported and used in planning presentations. Smart!

Simon Redican, managing director, RAB, said: “Britain’s love of radio has never been stronger, with commercial radio enjoying record audiences. The ‘Britain Loves Radio’ campaign seeks to bring this influence to life for advertisers. We want advertisers and agencies to feel as passionate about radio as the listeners do.”