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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

How do you involve your listeners?

Do you ever step back and think – “how can we involve the listener more?”. Lets not forget – the listeners are the ones that ticks your station in their diary. Listener are strange creatures who make or break your station. You can have the best Breakfast DJ in the world but if no one listens then they’re not much use!

I know sometimes it can be hard for station programmers and marketeers to surrender their brand to the listener – to put down tools and remove the Breakfast Show DJ from the advertising campaign and ask the listener to stand in the forefront. After all -we spend so much in putting together a brand plan and identity.

With the invention of virals becoming hot property with todays digital consumer – there’s always a hot user led viral making waves on email lists and Facebook shares. Not strictly radio …. (ok, it’s got NOTHING to with radio – but thought it was great to share this one with you) …  I came across a really fun and engaging viral advert for Peugeot to help promote their new 208 car model. The creative strapline was based around ‘Let Your Body Drive’ and uses a webcam to create interesting movements to get “access” to the new car model which is then turned into a fun and “shareable” video.

Take a look and have a go for yourself, if you’ve got a webcam. Go to and plug in your webcam!

Hopefully this provides some  new and exciting ways you can involve your listener in your next radio station advertising campaign. Some food for thought!