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How to make a core artist video showcase

brmb is a station that appears to be doing so much right to reconnect with its local audience. A strong music proposition, well-written and presented local news, by far the best local reporting I heard of the summer riots coming out of the West Midlands and positive local events like the brmb Walkathon.

And so I was sorry to see the station take a knock in the last Rajars. Is that too harsh? Perhaps a resurgent Capital FM is just squeezing its younger end. I’m guessing, but the point is this: whatever the figures suggest this video preview of brmb Live 2011 shows a station with no loss of confidence.

100% classy ingredients like glamorous footage from the artists performing and custom animated graphics make this 90 second preview feel like a million dollars.

They’ve produced the sound well too with good narrative pacing and artist voice drops that reference the Midlands.

There’s no excuse for shoddy audio in radio station videos. Sound is what we should be best at so it’s great to hear a soundtrack on this piece that shrieks big-time and echoes brmb’s on-air identity.

Lastly, while not everyone who sees this will attend the event they will all be exposed to a great showcase of brmb’s core artists.

Good work. Hope it pays off in the next book.