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Jingle Bell Ball: not for love nor money

Capital FM announced yesterday that tickets for its Jingle Bell Ball sold out in three hours.

This was never in any question of course, even in today’s wobbly economy.

It’s simply the first brilliant move in a promotional campaign that Capital has honed to perfection over the last few years.

Immediately, from day one, entry to the Jingle Bell Ball is positioned as the most unattainable ticket in town.

Everybody who attends will feel incredibly lucky / anointed and from now until the big day Capital has earned itself the right to trade on a believable notion of scarcity.

That’s quite an accomplishment for any brand, especially a radio station that is free to consume. No surprise then, that Capital has retained its sponsor, Windows 7,  for a further year.

You won’t be able to listen to Capital FM without hearing about the Jingle Bell Ball in the weeks ahead, but don’t confuse all this fuss with a promotional campaign for the Ball: no, Capital is using the Ball to promote the radio station brand.

The Jingle Bell Ball will draw to an inevitable close but the station goes on, and that’s where all the value is directed.

How many of your promotions drive all the value back to your brand?