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Earshot Creative Review, December 2011

Capital FM’s imaging king Chris Nicoll and voice artist and producer Helen Quigley.

Chris Nicoll reveals the secrets behind Capital FM’s hot new imaging style, Helen Quigley shares her work from radio and television and together we discuss voice selection, productivity tips and the sources of our inspiration.

You’ll also hear Harvey McCabe from Kings College, London and audio from the voice session he won in our recent competition. Note that this was recorded before Capital announced Dave Berry as  their new breakfast host and that is why we don’t talk about him.

And Chris plays some cool 90s promo videos from MTV. Here are the video files so you can see what we saw.
MTV Promo 1 MTV Promo 2 MTV Promo 3

Get the audio

Play here: Duration 46’14”

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review, December 2011.”]

Download the audio (160kb/s mp3, 54.3M)
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Presented by Steve Martin, imaging by Wizz FX, beds by Radiobeds, sponsorship by Hobsons.

Next time

John Myers, Nik Goodman, James Stodd, James Cridland, Jacob Rickard and student radio production winner Lou Nash play their favourite promotional audio of 2011.

Views expressed are personal. We acknowledge all rights held by the owners, creators and performers of the recorded works which are included solely for the purposes of education and review.

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