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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

How do you launch an on air promotion?

Earlier on in the year – BRMB run a re-work of the Fugative/Renegade promotion called The Shadow. Read our guest post from Radio Academy Cheif Exec John Myers who examines traditional radio promo mechanics.

Well, its coming back as a January cash giveaway promotion. Rather than an abundance of promo trailers and presenter reads to launch the feature – BRMB have used a tactical drip feed way of introducing the BRMB Shadow character within existing editorial output.  I was listening to BRMB during the Breakfast Show. It was a background listen and all sounded normal – however, the use of  a robotic caller voice did draw my attention and made me want to find out more. It drew me to the station especially at a time when I’m doing multiple things getting ready in the morning.

Take a listen to the audio of the BRMB shadow and hear the hi-jacks!

[audio:|titles=BRMB Shadow takes over The Wanted] [audio:|titles=BRMB Shadow calls into the Breakfast Show!]


It even took over a weather bulletin …

[audio:|titles=The Shadow takes over the weather bulletin]


This is a similar tactic used by the BBC last year to launch Doctor Who within Chris Moyles Breakfast Show – have a listen to the audio from James Stodd on a previous edition of Earshot Creative Review.



Not content with creativity with on air those Brummies have also created a video viral to launch the campaign tease too.

How do you launch your promotions? Do you go over and beyond the standard – listen at 8.30 on Monday morning for the big announcement? PR? Virals? Social Media? If you’ve got any great examples -please do send them in so we can share them.