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It’s Invitation Tuesday


Yes, we’ve rebranded a normal day of the week. It’s Invitation Tuesday, when your Earshot needs you. Here’s why:

Invitation 1

At 4pm on Tuesday 13 December we’re recording an edition of the Earshot Creative Review podcast and you’re welcome to come along and take part.

James Stodd of the BBC will be with us together with the Radio Academy’s John Myers. John recently wrote on his blog about some of the radio promos he hates. Now he’ll hear the good stuff.

You’ll need to be in Central London for 4pm on Tuesday armed with your favourite piece of promotional audio of the year.

Can you manage that? Please email so I can be in touch with venue details.

Invitation 2

Than, from 6.30pm on Tuesday, James and I propose an Earshot team in the Radio Academy Christmas Quiz, in Highbury.

Jonathan Jacob can’t play because he’s helping to organise the event so there will be a couple of places open in our team. Anoraks only. Clever anoraks, actually.

Update: 0745, 9 December: we have now completed the selection process for our team which will comprise:

Nik Goodman, Helen Quigley, Jacob Rickard, Steve Martin and James Stodd.