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Breakfast in the Afternoon

The team at Bauer Media has launched ‘The Kiss Breakfast Takeaway‘ – a bitesized video chunk of the best bits of the Breakfast Show.

There are a few key elements which makes this a fantastic piece of radio marketing:

1. Timing

2. Location

3. Quality

The content comes each afternoon at 3.30pm across all their social media touch points so listeners/viewers can get their KISS ‘fix’ on mobile, online, tablet etc.

The timing is perfect for the target audience – just as school/college kids are coming out and checking their phone or the young professionals are having that afternoon lull while browsing Facebook!

It’s instantly shareable across the social web and helps improve show recall, making it appointment-to-view content. Additionally, the video production qualities and studio branding are second to none. It’s a real TV quality effect.

Gone are the days of the producer having to quickly put together Breakfast promo trail which producers need to hash together to make sure they hit the first 11am sponsor credit spot.

Now you can hear, see and share the best of Breakfast Show each afternoon on mobile, tablet or PC.

Well done and strongly executed.