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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Put your promotion centre stage

BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend

You won’t find many presenters who do the ‘big reveal’ better than Chris Moyles.┬áThis morning, announcing the line-up of the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Chris was on brilliant form.

He was helped greatly by the production decision to focus only on this one event for the duration of the entire show.

No matter what time you turned on Radio 1 this morning you immediately would have been in no doubt what was the biggest story of the day: the one big thing that excited Chris, his team and the audience, and the one subject that will unite Radio 1 listeners in conversation when they meet as friends later in the day.

Not all radio events are as big as a BBC music festival and your station may not have the talents of Chris Moyles to hype thing up but you can give any promotion extra impact by suppressing all other activity that would otherwise compete for attention.

Be clear on your one big priority, clear the decks of distractions and put what’s most important centre stage.