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Real Radio creates smiles with latest radio promotion

Last month we reported about the launch of the new Real Radio marketing strategy which centered around ‘real Good, feel good radio’ as the comms message.

This month the group launches a street promotion called ‘Put a Real Smile on Their Face’ to amplify just that.

The mechanic is simple: nominate a a family member or friend who needs a bit of cheering up and the Real Patrol (street team) will surprise them and cheer them up at their home, their workplace etc.

The Real Patrol will even come armed with a gift you’ve personally selected from the Real Radio website: chocolate, wine or flowers.

Check out the video of Elisa from Real Radio Yorkshire daytimes putting a smile on the face of a mum in Huddersfield.

This isn’t reinventing the wheel in any way but it is a well-executed and simple promotion across the group creating small pockets of smiles and joy with their listeners.

The videos are of relatively good quality and really help to make the promotion shareable.

Most importantly it’s a really personal way of bringing a strapline and positioning statement to life using real people in real situations (excuse the pun) …. and lots of smiles can only be a good thing, can’t it?